Unweaving Fabric

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Unweaving Fabric
Art - Weaving
Unweaving Fabric 4.JPG
Materials4 inch squares of burlap
small container for strands

In this activity the child pulls apart a square of coarsely woven fabric to see how it is woven together.


  1. Take the material to a mat or table. Place it so the fabric square is on the left and the little dish is on the right.
    Unweaving Fabric 1.JPG
  2. Show how to grasp a single strand from the edge of the fabric square and pull it free.
    Unweaving Fabric 2.JPG
  3. Place the strand in the little dish.
    Unweaving Fabric 3.JPG
  4. Rotate the fabric and pull a strand free from another side.
    Unweaving Fabric 4.JPG
  5. Continue in this way until the square has all been pulled apart.
    Unweaving Fabric 5.JPGUnweaving Fabric 6.JPG
    Unweaving Fabric 7.JPGUnweaving Fabric 8.JPG
  6. Either: carry the small dish to the trash and throw away the strands, or put the strands in an envelope to take home.
  7. Return the tray to the shelf.
  8. Take another square of fabric from the stack on the shelf and place it on the tray so the work will be ready for the next person to use.

Points of Interest

  • Watching the fabric slowly come apart

Control of Error

If the child tries to pull a strand that is not on the outside edge, it will get stuck or tangle.

Variations and Extensions

  • Different types of fabric could be used (coarser fabric such as burlap early in the year, quilting fabric later)
  • Knit fabric could be used