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Weaving Yarn
Art - Weaving
PrerequisitesBead Stringing
Weaving Paper
Tying Knots
Materialsloom or weaving card
a shuttle or large needle

In this activity the child learns to weave with yarn on a simple loom.


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Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • Woven potholder weaving


Make Your Own

  1. Cut corrugated cardboard in a rectangle (about 5" by 8" works well).
  2. Cut notches along the top and bottom edges about 3/8" apart.

Where to Buy

Prices and links last checked: 6 June 2020

Simple Looms

Flat Frame Looms
Montessori Services $26.95

Upright Looms
Alison's $60.00
E & O $38.00
Montessori N' Such $29.95
Montessori Services $29.95

Weaving Needles

Looms with Heddle
E & O $17.00
Montessori N' Such $30.00

Potholder Looms
Montessori Services $17.95

Loops for Potholder Loom
Montessori Services $7.95 (enough for 2 potholders)
Montessori Services $19.95 (enough for 8 potholders)

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