World Puzzle Map

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World Puzzle Map
Social Studies - Geography
World Map.JPG
Age3 +
PrerequisitesContinents Globe
Materials1 World Puzzle Map
Continents Globe
2 World Puzzle Map
World Control Map

This material teaches the child about the continents.


Introduction to the Concept of Maps

  1. Take the Continents Globe and the World Puzzle Map to a large mat.
    (Show the child the correct way to carry a puzzle map, with one hand on each side.)
  2. Turn the globe so that the Western Hemisphere is visible. Relate this to the first circle on the puzzle map.
  3. Turn the globe so that the Eastern Hemisphere is visible. Relate this to the second circle on the puzzle map.
  4. Tilt the globe so that Antarctica is visible.
    "Half of Antarctica is on one side and half is on the other. That's why it's cut into two pieces."
  5. Take the pieces out of the puzzle one at a time.
  6. Hold each one up to the corresponding continent on the globe.
  7. Review the names of the continents.
  8. Set the pieces on the mat.
  9. After all the pieces have been taken out, put them back in again one at a time.

The Puzzle Map with a Control Map

  1. Take the puzzle map and the control map to a mat (two mats may be needed depending on the size).
    Put the puzzle map on the left and the control mat on the right.
  2. Remove the pieces one at a time from the puzzle and place them on the corresponding spot on the control mat.
  3. After all of the pieces have been removed, carefully replace them back in the puzzle.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • A string or a large rubber band could be put around the globe to show the two halves of the puzzle map.
    Globe with String.jpg
  • A three period lesson could be done with the continents to review their names.
  • Continent puzzle pieces could be put in a Mystery Bag for the child to try to identify by touch.
    Continents in Mystery Bag.jpg
  • Sing "The Continents Song" (to the tune of "Frere Jacques")
    North America, South America, Africa Africa, Europe and Asia, then there is Australia, Antarctica Antarctica

Map Making

  • Trace the control map and color in with colored pencils, paint, oil pastels, or colored chalk.
  • Trace around each continent on the appropriately colored construction paper. Pin-punch or cut out the continents. Then glue onto blue circles that have been painted on paper or cut out of blue paper and glued down.
  • Maps may be labeled with pre-printed labels, labels written out by then child, or names of continents could be written directly on the map.


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