Writing on Chalkboard

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Writing on Chalkboard
Language - Writing
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PrerequisitesSandpaper Letters
Metal Insets

This activity the child practices writing on a chalkboard.



  1. Invite the child to the lesson. Name the work and show where it is on the shelf.
  2. Take the blank chalkboard, chalk, and eraser to a table.
    Chalkboard 1.JPG
  3. Hold the chalkboard still with your sub-dominant hand. Hold the chalk with a pincer grip in your dominant hand and draw straight and wavy lines.
    Chalkboard 2.JPG Chalkboard 3.JPG
  4. To erase, hold the chalkboard still with your sub-dominant hand, and hold the eraser in your dominant hand.
    Chalkboard 4.JPG
  5. Give the child a turn to do the same.

Writing letters

  1. A few days later, invite the child to another lesson with the chalkboard.
  2. Take the chalkboard, chalk, eraser, and a sandpaper letter to a table.
    Chalkboard 5.JPG
  3. Trace the sandpaper letter two or three times.
    Chalkboard 6.JPG
  4. Hold the chalkboard still with the sub-dominant hand. Write the letter on the chalk board.
    Chalkboard 7.JPG
  5. Erase the letter.
  6. Give the child a turn to do the same.

Writing between lines

  1. Take the lined chalkboard, chalk, and an eraser to a table
    Chalkboard 8.JPG
  2. Draw a zig-zag or wavy line, showing that when you get to a line, you don't go past it, but turn the other way.
    Chalkboard 9.JPG Chalkboard 10.JPG
  3. Draw lines or shapes, again showing how you stay between the lines.
    Chalkboard 11.JPG
  4. Pick letters to practice that fit between the lines (a, c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x, z).
    Chalkboard 12.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • A whiteboard and dry-erase marker could also be used.
  • The teacher could write the letter in chalk, and the child could then trace over the letter with a wet paintbrush.


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