A Montessori Mother

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Montessori Children  
A Montessori Mother.jpg
AuthorDorothy Canfield Fisher
CountryUnited States
PublisherHenry Holt and Company
Publication date1912

This book played a key role in introducing Montessori education to the Unites States in the early 20th century.



  1. Some Introductory Remarks About Parents
  2. A Day in a Casa dei Bambini
  3. More About What Happens in a Casa dei Bambini
  4. Something About the Apparatus and About the Theory Underlying It
  5. Description of the Rest of the Apparatus and the Method for Writing and Reading
  6. Some General Remarks About the Montessori Apparatus in the American Home
  7. The Possibility of American Adaptations of, or Additions to, the Montessori Apparatus
  8. Some Remarks on the Philosophy of the System
  9. Application of This Philosophy to American Home Life
  10. Some Considerations on the Nature of "Discipline"
  11. More About Discipline in the Way of a Universal Adoption of the Montessori Ideas
  12. Is There Any Real Difference Between the Montessori and the Kindergarten?
  13. Moral Training
  14. Dr. Montessori's Life and the Origin of the Casa dei Bambini
  15. Some Last Remarks


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This book is in the Public Domain.
You can read it online for free here: