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Ideas and resources for the "do-it-yourself" montessorian.

Montessori has a long tradition of self-made materials - it is known that Dr. Montessori made some of the earliest ones, while others were created under her guidance by parents of children in Casa dei Bambini - a most excellent way for parents to be involved with the education of their children. However, the earliest preserved | Montessori items on display for the Century of the Child exhibit at MOMA New York, were listed as having been "commissioned by Maria Montessori. 1920s" ... "Manufactured by Baroni e Marangon, Gonzaga, Italy", which leads to the conclusion that the commercial manufacture of Montessori items got established very early on.

Interestingly, it is possible that the cleavage between more "traditional", recognized, capital-M schools and more innovative and generic-m ones also includes the strict reliance on "approved", commercial items for the former, and tolerance, or even outright preference for home-made ones in the later.

Whether non-traditional items have or not a place in the M/montessori school is likely an endless and fruitless debate. Also, home-made does not necessarily mean innovative, as "classic" resources can be made by anyone - this being one major "plus" of the Montessori method, however interpreted.

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