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== Points of Interest ==
== Points of Interest ==
Invite 3-4 children to come participate in your lesson. Show each child where exactly to sit. Once the children are seated, you sit so that you can see them all, they all can see you, and yet you are not in front of them.
Tell the children that when we cough, we need to know what to do so we don’t cough onto someone else.
Tell them that we are all going to practice what we should do when we cough.
Ask the children if they are all ready to watch.
Turn your head to the right a little away from the children.
Place your right forearm about an inch away from your mouth.
Exaggerate a cough.
Once finished with the cough, close your mouth.
Remove your right arm from in front of your mouth.
Turn your head back to face the group.
Tell the children that you don’t use your hand, because if the germs are on your hands, we can spread them more easily.
Ask the children, “Shall I show you again?” Repeat cough.
Invite each child to practice what to do when they cough.
Tell the children that they now know to cover their mouths when they cough.
Excuse them one at a time, making sure each child has thought of what he would like to de next.
Direct: Teaching the children grace and courtesy in the classroom.
Indirect:  Awareness of their body and control of their movements.
Points of Interests
Placing your arm, not your hand, in front of your mouth so as not to spread germs with your hands.
2 1/2 – 3 1/2
== Control of Error ==
== Control of Error ==
== Variations and Extensions ==
== Variations and Extensions ==

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