Dry Pouring

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Dry Pouring
Practical Life - Fine Motor Skills
Dry Pouring 1.jpg
PrerequisitesCarrying a Tray
Materials2 small pitchers
dry rice or beans

The purpose of this activity to teach the child how to pour dry materials. This activity also prepares the child for the Liquid Pouring activity.


  1. step one
  2. step two, etc

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • You could use pitchers without handles:
    Dry pouring no handles.JPG
  • You could have one pitcher and a few small glasses:
    Counting Coconuts dry pouring.JPG
    Source: Counting Coconuts


Clear glass or plastic pitchers are helpful for the child who is new to this activity because it makes it easier when the child can see through the side how much is left to pour.
Lots of material could be used to pour: rice, lentils, beans, unpopped popcorn, small dry pasta, beads, etc.
Dry pouring purple.jpg
Source: Leptir Montessori Blog

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