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Geometric Solids
Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Form
Age3.5 - 6

The direct and indirect purpose go up here. Please use full sentences. This is at the top because it is important to know what the point of the activity is.


Presentation 1

  1. Step one goes here. If there is a picture that goes with this step, it goes below.
    Clothespins 1.jpg
  2. Step two goes here.

Presentation 2

  1. If there is only one presentation, skip the subheadings and just put the steps all under "Presentation".
  2. If the different presentations have obvious descriptive titles, use those in place of "Presentation One", "Presentation Two", etc.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • A description of a variation or extension goes here.
    Clothespins 1.jpg
  • A description of another variation or extension goes here.



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