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(Variations and Extensions)
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*: [[File:Counting Coconuts felt fractions.JPG|300px]]
*: [[File:Counting Coconuts felt fractions.JPG|300px]]
*: (For a description of how these were made, see [ Counting Coconuts].)
*: (For a description of how these were made, see [ Counting Coconuts].)
==Printable Cards==
*: [[Fracciones Montessori.pdf]]
*: (For a description of the Fraction Skittles Cards, see [ Manualidades Educativas].)
===Where to Buy===
===Where to Buy===
[ Adena] $33.41<br>
[ Adena] $33.41<br>

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Introduction to the Fraction Insets
Math - Fractions
Fraction Skittles.JPG
Level Primary
Age 5.5+
Materials four fraction skittles

This activity introduces the child to the concept of fractions.


  1. Carry the fraction skittles one at a time to a mat or table. Place them in the upper right corner.
    Fraction Skittles 1.JPG
  2. Take the whole fraction skittle and hold it upside down. Trace the edge of the base with two fingers. "This is one whole."
    Fraction Skittles 2.JPG
  3. Take the halves fraction skittle and hold it upside down in the other hand to show that the two skittles are the same size.
    Fraction Skittles 3.JPG
  4. Set them side-by-side on the mat.
    Fraction Skittles 4.JPG
  5. Take the halves fraction skittle and show that it comes apart in two equal pieces. "One, two. There are two halves."
    Fraction Skittles 5.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

There is a very different and separate presentation for this work at the elementary level. AMI albums do not have a primary level presentation on this material.

In elementary, children work with dividing fractions by fractions using these fraction skittles. They are quickly introduced to the concept of which is which (what is described here as the "primary presentation", and they catch on quickly. The primary presentation does not seem necessary.


Make Your Own

  • Fraction circles could be made from different colors of felt:
    Counting Coconuts felt fractions.JPG
    (For a description of how these were made, see Counting Coconuts.)

Printable Cards

Where to Buy

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