Getting the Teacher's Attention

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Getting the Teacher's Attention
Practical Life - Grace and Courtesy
Level Pre-Primary
Age 2.5
Prerequisites none
Materials none

The purpose of this activity is to show the the child how to politely get the attention of a teacher who is working with another child.


  1. Invite the child: "I would like to show you how to wait for the teacher."
  2. Approach an adult who is working individually or with a child.
  3. Place your hand gently on the adult's shoulder and wait until he or she turns to look at you.
  4. Say, "Excuse me, may I....": demonstrate asking a question.
  5. Listen carefully to the adult's response.
  6. Say, "Thank you." before you turn and walk away.

Points of Interest

  • Getting an adult's attention in a reliable, quiet way

Control of Error

If teacher gives attention

Variations and Extensions

  • Show the child how to wait for a peer who is working.