Individual Continent Puzzle Map

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Individual Continent Puzzle Map
Social Studies - Geography
South America Map.JPG
Age3 +
PrerequisitesWorld Puzzle Map
MaterialsContinent Puzzle Map

This material teaches the child about the continents and the countries that make up each one.


The first of these puzzles the child does should be the one of his own continent.

  1. Take the puzzle map to a mat. Place it to the left. (Two mats may be needed depending on size.)
    South America Map 1.JPG
  2. Take the control map to the mat. Place it to the right.
    South America Map 2.JPG
  3. Remove the pieces one at a time from the puzzle and place them on the corresponding spot on the control mat.
    South America Map 3.JPG
  4. Continue until all of the pieces have been place on the control mat.
    South America Map 4.JPG
  5. After all of the pieces have been removed, carefully replace them back in the puzzle.

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