Lacing Cards

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Lacing Cards
Practical Life - Care of the Person
Lacing Cards 12.JPG
Level Primary
Age 3 - 4
Prerequisites Bead Stringing
Materials lacing card
string knotted at one end

This activity teaches the child a basic stitch pattern. This activity prepares the child for sewing.


  1. Take the material to a mat or table.
    Lacing Cards 1.JPG
  2. Smooth out the string to be sure there are no knots or tangles.
    Lacing Cards 2.JPG
  3. Hold the lacing card in the subdominant hand and the end of the string without the knot in the dominant hand.
    Put the end of the string through any hole.
    Lacing Cards 3.JPG Lacing Cards 4.JPG
  4. Grasp the end of the string on the other side of the card. Pull the string all the way through until it is stopped at the knot.
    Lacing Cards 5.JPG Lacing Cards 6.JPG
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  11. Smooth the string out, fold it in half, then fold it in half again.
    Lacing Cards 20.JPG Lacing Cards 21.JPG Lacing Cards 22.JPG
  12. Place the string back in the tray.
    Lacing Cards 23.JPG

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