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Montessori: Prescription for Children with Learning Disabilities

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Montessori: Prescription for Children with Learning Disabilities  
Author R. C. Orem and Marjorie Foster Coburn
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Putnam
Publication date 1978
Pages 188
ISBN 0-399-11802-0


  1. Montessori: Questions and Answers
  2. Maria Montessori: A Biographical Sketch
  3. What is Montessori?
  4. Montessori as Practiced in a Normal Primary Montessori Class
  5. The Role of the Directress
  6. Learning Disabilities and Montessori: Questions and Answers
  7. From Learning Disabilities to Learning Abilities with Montessori: Case Histories
  8. Montessori From a School Psychologist's Point of View, by Betsy Anderson
  9. How to Use Montessori with Learning-Disabled Children
  10. Outline of Adapted Montessori Curriculum for the Learning Disabled Child, by Janet Fairbank
  11. Montessori as Remediation: Use with Adolescents
  12. How to Set Up a Montessori Classroom Environment
  13. Ground Rules of a Montessori Classroom, or How to Structure for Behavior
  14. How to Give a Montessori Lesson
    • Three-Period Lesson of Seguin
    • First Aid for the Learning-Disabled Child in the Regular Classroom
  15. Montessori, Art, and the Learning-Disabled, by Anne Hyland
  16. Indications of Present or Potential Learning Disability
  17. How to Choose a Special School
  18. Typical Movement Through Learning-Disability Detection, Diagnosis, and Remediation
  19. What Can I Do at Home?
  20. Roger and Sam-Two Who Needed Help
  21. Montessori and the Learning Disabled Child: A Summary

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