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== Material ==
== Material ==
===Make Your Own===
===Make Your Own===
Printable version:
Printable version:
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[ Montessori Outlet] $23.95<br>
[ Montessori Outlet] $23.95<br>
[ Nienhuis] $81.50<br>
[ Nienhuis] $81.50<br>
[ Thinkamajigs] $56.95<br>
[ Thinkamajigs] $134.95 (AMI)<br>

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Multiplication Finger Chart 2
Math - Memory Work
Mult Finger Chart 2-8.JPG
Level Primary
Age 5.5+
Prerequisites Multiplication Finger Chart 1
Materials Multiplication Finger Chart 2
multiplication problem slips

This material helps the child with memorization of multiplication facts.


  1. Compare Multiplication Finger Chart 2 with Multiplication Finger Chart 1. Show that they are similar, but chart 2 has part missing.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-1.JPG
  2. Put away Multiplication Finger Chart 1, and bring out the paper, pencil, and problem slips.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-2.JPG
  3. Draw a problem slip and copy it onto the paper.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-3.JPG
  4. Put your right finger on the smaller of the two numbers from the problem. Put your left finger on the larger one.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-4.JPG
  5. Slide your right finger over to the last number on its row.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-5.JPG
  6. Slide your right finger down to the same row as the left finger.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-6.JPG
  7. Slide your left finger over to meet the right.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-7.JPG
  8. Open your fingers to reveal the answer.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-8.JPG
  9. Write the answer on the paper.
    Mult Finger Chart 2-9.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • The child could also roll two ten-sided dice to create a multiplication problem.


Make Your Own

Printable version:

Multiplication Chart 4 pdf icon.jpg Multiplication Fact Slips pdf icon.jpg
Multiplication Finger Chart 2 Multiplication Problem Slips (print on yellow card stock)

Where to Buy

Sold in sets with all 5 charts.
Adena $33.23
Affordable Montessori $49.00 (framed)
Albanesi $152.00
Alison's $7.50 (control chart only)
Alison's $50.00
Bruins $70.00
Cabdev $82.00
Cabdev $53.00 (framed)
Creative Learning $41.95 (framed)
E & O $89.00
Juliana $137.20
Kid Advance $44.99 (framed)
Montessori Outlet $23.95
Nienhuis $81.50
Thinkamajigs $56.95
Thinkamajigs $134.95 (AMI)