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[https://www.thinkamajigs.com/number-rods/ Thinkamajigs] $64.95<br>
[https://www.thinkamajigs.com/number-rods/ Thinkamajigs] $64.95<br>
[https://bestmontessoritoys.com/montessori-mathematics/12-lock-box-exercises-with-colour-doors.html Best Montessori Toys] $21.78 (Digital stick) <br>
[https://bestmontessoritoys.com/montessori-mathematics/12-lock-box-exercises-with-colour-doors.html Best Montessori Toys] $21.78 (Digital stick) <br>
[https://merocomontessori.com/montessori-math-materials/21-small-numerical-rods.html merocomontessori] $13 (Small Numerical Rods) <br>
[https://merocomontessori.com/montessori-math-materials/21-small-numerical-rods.html Meroco Montessori] $13 (Small Numerical Rods) <br>

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Number Rods With Numerals
Math - Numbers 0-10
Number Rods 6.JPG
Age3 - 3.5
PrerequisitesNumber Rods
Sandpaper Numerals
MaterialsNumber Rods
Numeral Cards

This activity teaches the child the association of the quantity and the symbol.


  1. Take the material to a mat.
    Grade the rods and lay out the numeral cards along the bottom edge of the mat.
    Number Rods 6.JPG
  2. Isolate the 1 rod, place your hand on it and say, "One."
    Find the numeral card 1. Pick it up and say, "One." Lean the card against the rod.
    Number Rods 7.JPG
  3. Move the 2 rod down and count it, placing your hand on each segment as go count: "One, two."
    Find the numeral cards 2. pick it up and say, "Two." Lean the card against the rod.
    Number Rods 8.JPG
  4. Continue in this way until all of the rods and numerals have been matched.
    Number Rods 9.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

  1. Ability to measure by smallest unit
  2. Visual: the bands of color and the graded length of the rods

Variations and Extensions

  • Place the rods on another rug across the room and ask the child to bring you number 3. etc.
  • Without moving the stair, ask child to give you the rod that is one less than (or one more than) 3.


Direct Aim:

  1. To give the child a sensorial impression of quantity
  2. To be able to name in succession the qualities

Indiret Aim:

  1. Introduction to measurement and the decimal system


Ten wooden rods varying in length from 10cm (3.9 inches) to 1 meter (39.5 inches). The segments are painted alternately red and blue with number 1 being red. The end measurement of each rod is 2.5cm square.

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