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Charlotte Mason[edit]

  • Real "living" books are used instead of textbooks and workbooks.
  • Instead of tests or worksheets, children describe in their own words what they learned about a topic (called "narration").
  • Children are encouraged to have a personal relationship with the material studied.
  • There are no forms of external motivation such as grades or rewards.
  • Short lessons (10-15 minutes) in each subject area are given in the morning, and afternoons are left for free study.
  • Very centered on Christianity, but can also be useful for non-Christians.

Reggio Emilia[edit]

Tools of the Mind[edit]

  • Developed by Elena Bodrova and Deborah J. Leong, based on the theories of Lev Vygotsky


  • Pretty classrooms with lots of natural materials
  • Art is incorporated in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Based on the quasi-religious ideas of Rudolph Steiner including reincarnation and astrology
  • Beginning reading (ABC's) not started until first grade based on the idea that the child's spirit hasn't finished incarnating in the child's body before then
  • Left-handed children are often made to use their right hand instead
  • Children are not taught to distinguish between fantasy and reality (fairy tales and mythology taught in place of history)