Phonetic Object Boxes

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Phonetic Object Boxes
Language - Reading
Reading with Objects 6.JPG
Level Primary
Prerequisites Bridge to Reading
Materials small objects with phonetic names
small box or basket
slips of paper

In this activity the child matches written words to objects.


  1. Carry the material to a mat or table. Place the container of objects in the upper right corner. If at a mat, you will need a clipboard for writing.
    Reading with Objects 1.JPG
  2. Take the objects one at a time and have the child name each one, then lay them across the top of the table. If the child doesn't know the name of the object you can either tell them the name or just set the object aside.
    Reading with Objects 2.JPG
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  8. Put the labels in the basket along with the objects so the child can do the work later on his own. You could also have pre-printed labels.
    Reading with Objects 10.JPG

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