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Art - Creating Art
Materialssheet of paper
dark crayon with paper removed
1 or more flat, textured objects
small container for objects

In this activity the child makes crayon rubbings of textured objects.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. Show them where the work is on the shelf and name the work.
  2. Take the material to a mat or table. You may wish to use a smooth placemat underneath to protect the table.
    Crayon Rubbing 1.JPG
  3. Place the paper on the table.
  4. Position an object underneath the paper.
  5. Rub the paper with the side of the crayon over where the object is.
    Crayon Rubbing 2.JPG
  6. Do the same with other objects under the paper if desired.
    Crayon Rubbing 3.JPG

Points of Interest

  • Seeing the hidden object appear

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • Many different objects could be used under the paper:
    leaves, lace, buttons, coins, fabric, paperclips, wire mesh
  • Rubbings could be done of things outside that can't be moved:
    tree bark, stone carved letters
  • Crayon rubbing plates could be used
  • More than one color of crayon could be used


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