Sandpaper Globe

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Sandpaper Globe
Social Studies - Geography
Sandpaper globe.JPG
Age3 +
MaterialsSandpaper Globe

Also called the Land and Water Globe.
This material introduces the child to the concept of the globe as a representation of the earth.


  1. Step one
  2. Step two
  3. Step three

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

If you'd like to make a Land and Water Globe pillow, there is a lovely fabric available from Spoonflower designed by a Montessori homeschool mom. The finished globe is around 7"-8" (depending on how full you stuff it). The fabric is $12 with shipping.
Land water globe pillow.jpg Land water globe pieces.jpg
Source: Walk Beside Me

Where to Buy

Absorbent Montessori $22.00
Adena $15.09
Affordable Montessori $27.00
Albanesi $60.00 (not sandpaper)
Albanesi $60.00
Alison's $35.00 (not sandpaper)
Alison's $35.00
Bruins $50.00
E & O $89.00
ETC Montessori $50.00
IFIT $18.00
Juliana Group $78.12 (not sandpaper)
Juliana Group $47.88
Kid Advance $29.99
Mindset $38.85 (not sandpaper)
Mindset $38.85
Mindset $81.48
The Materials Company of Boston $55.00
Montessori Concepts $30.00
Nienhuis $64.20
Thinkamajigs $33.95
$32.5 (Continents Globe)

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