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(Visual Discrimination of Form)
(Sense of Weight)
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===Sense of Weight===
You’re on top of the game. Thnaks for sharing.
|[[Image:Baric Tablets icon.JPG|link=Baric Tablets|100 px]]
|valign="top" align="center"|[[Baric Tablets]]
===Stereognostic Sense===
===Stereognostic Sense===

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The goal of this subject area is the refinement of the senses.

Visual Discrimination of Size

Knobbed Cylinders icon.jpg Pink Tower icon.jpg Long Rods icon.jpg Broad Stair icon.jpg Knobless Cylinders icon.jpg
Knobbed Cylinders Pink Tower Long Rods Broad Stair Knobless Cylinders

Visual Discrimination of Color

Color Box 1 icon.jpg Color Box 2 icon.jpg Color Box 3 icon.jpg
Color Box 1 Color Box 2 Color Box 3

I thank you humbly for shairng your wisdom JJWY

Auditory Sense

Picture.jpg Sound Cylinders icon.JPG Bells icon.JPG
Silence Game Sound Cylinders Bells

Sense of Smell

Smelling Jars

Sense of Taste

Tasting Jars

Tactile Sense

Touch Boards icon.JPG Picture.jpg Picture.jpg
Touch Boards Touch Tablets Fabrics

Sense of Temperature

Thermic Bottles icon.JPG
Thermic Bottles

You’re on top of the game. Thnaks for sharing.

Stereognostic Sense

Mystery Bag