The Farm

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The farm is a traditional Montessori material used in the language portion of the curriculum, especially grammar. It typically consists of a small barn with miniature animals and people.

Where to Buy

Affordable Montessori Materials $169.00
Albanesi $279.00 (without animals)
Montessori N' Such $59.99 (includes 7 animals)
Alison's $265.00 (without animals)
Alison's $375.00
Alison's $3.00 (kit to build barn)
Bruin's $360.00
Etc Montessori $130.00
Juliana $221.76 (barn only)
Kid Advance $47.95 (with 4 horses)
Lord Co $328.90
Materials Co. of Boston $290.00
Mindset $526.89
Nienhuis $372.50
Leaderjoy Montessori Materials $9.95

Animals and People
Albanesi $190.00
Alison's $110.00
Juliana $205.38
Lord Co $165.00
Materials Co. of Boston $95.00
Leaderjoy Montessori Materials $6.95

Farm Table
Etc Montessori $295.00
Lord Co $274.45
Nienhuis $317.50