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Tong Transfer

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Tong Transfer
Practical Life - Fine Motor Skills
Tong 5.JPG
Level Primary
Age 3
Prerequisites Grasping Transfer
Materials a tray
2 bowls
soft objects to transfer

The purpose of this activity is to teach children to move small objects using tongs. This helps them to develop their fine motor skills.


  1. Step one
    Tong 1.JPG
  2. Step two, etc
    Tong 2.JPG
  3. Step three, etc
    Tong 3.JPG
  4. Step four, etc
    Tong 4.JPG
  5. Step five, etc
    Tong 5.JPG

Points of Interest

The various tongs, and shape, color, texture of the objects

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Please be sure that the tongs used in this activity are small enough for a child's hand. Many classrooms have tongs that are far too large and the children have trouble doing this activity.
Pink tong.jpg
Source: Leptir Montessori Blog

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