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Hierarchical Material

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Wooden Hierarchical Material
Math - Passage to Abstraction
One to one million 2.JPG
Level Primary
Age 5.5 - 6

This activity provides the child with a concrete representation of the quantities one to a million.


[edit] Presentation

  1. step one
    One to one million.JPG
  2. step two, etc.

[edit] Points of Interest

[edit] Control of Error

[edit] Variations and Extensions

[edit] Material

The unit cube is 5mm in all dimensions. The ten bar is 5cm long. The hundred square is 5cm square. The thousand cube is 5cm in all dimensions. The ten-thousand bar is 50cm long. The hundred-thousand square is 50cm square. The million cube is 50cm in all dimensions.

[edit] Where to Buy

Alison's $350.00
Bruins $500.00
Cabdev $669.00
Juliana Group $646.80
Nienhuis $599.50

Hierarchical Number Cards
Bruins $23.00

[edit] Further Reading