Addition Finger Chart 1

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Addition Finger Chart 1
Math - Memory Work
Addition Chart 3-2.JPG
Materials Addition Finger Chart 1
addition problem slips

This activity allows the child to practice memorization of addition facts.


  1. Take the materials to a mat or table. If working at a mat, you will need a writing board to go under the paper.
    Addition Chart 3-1.JPG
  2. Draw a problem slip and copy the problem onto the paper.
  3. Place your left finger on the red number corresponding to the first number in the problem. Place your right finger on the blue number corresponding to the second number in the problem.
    Addition Chart 3-2.JPG
  4. Slide your left finger down so that it is on the same row as your left finger.
    Addition Chart 3-3.JPG
  5. Slide your left finger over to the same square as your right finger.
    Addition Chart 3-4.JPG
  6. Open your fingers to reveal the answer.
    Addition Chart 3-5.JPG
  7. Record the answer on the paper.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • Just use flash cards instead. Put answers on the back for the child to check to see if they have the correct answer. Have them sort the cards into piles depending on whether of not they got them correct.


Make Your Own


Addition Chart 3 pdf icon.jpg
Addition Slips pdf icon.jpg
Addition Chart 1 pdf icon.jpg
Addition Finger Chart 1 Addition Problem Slips Addition Control Chart 1 (print on legal sized paper)

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