Addition With Number Rods

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Addition With Number Rods
Math - Memory Work
Addition with Number Rods 5.JPG
Age4 - 5
PrerequisitesNumber Rods With Numerals
MaterialsNumber Rods
numeral cards 1-10
2 "+" signs
2 "=" signs

This activity introduces the child to simple addition facts.


  1. Bring the material to the mat. Grade the rods.
    Addition with Number Rods 1.JPG
  2. Place the 1 rod and the 2 rod end to end. Ask the child to find one rod that is as long as the two put together.
    Addition with Number Rods 2.JPG
  3. Place the 3 rod below to compare. "This rod and this rod put together are the same as this rod."
    Addition with Number Rods 3.JPG
  4. "Here's another way we can say it:" place the symbols as shown.
    Addition with Number Rods 4.JPG
  5. Count the rods and place the appropriate number cards. "One plus two is the same as three."
    Addition with Number Rods 5.JPG
  6. Scoot the number cards down and add the second set of symbols. "One plus two equals three."
    Addition with Number Rods 6.JPG

Points of Interest


Direct Purpose

  • To show how we get larger numbers from smaller ones.

Indirect Purpose

  • To show the limits of base 10.
  • Inquiry into the concept of one half.

Control of Error

  • The ten rod.
  • The visual shape of the layout.

Variations and Extensions


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