Bones of the Body

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Bones of the Body
Science - Human Anatomy
Bones of the body 1.jpg
PrerequisitesVertebrate / Invertebrate Sorting
Materialsa collection of x-rays

In this activity the student learns about the human skeleton.


  1. Remind the child that vertebrates are animals that have bones and that humans are vertebrates.
  2. Tell the child that they can feel some of the bones in their body through their skin. Have them feel their elbows, wrists, head, hips, etc.
  3. Tell the child that x-rays are pictures of bones that are taken through a body. Allow the child to examine the x-rays and discuss which bones of the body are shown.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • Three-part cards of the bones of the body could be done.
  • Three-part cards could also be done for the bones of the hand.
  • X-rays of animals could also be brought in (ask for old ones at a veterinarian's office).
  • Draw and label a picture of a human skeleton.
    • This could be done with white crayon or chalk on black paper.
  • Assemble a model skeleton.

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