Color Box 2

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Color Box 2
Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Color
Color Box 2-6.jpg
PrerequisitesColor Box 1
MaterialsColor Box 2 set of tablets

Use of this material teaches the child visual discrimination of the primary colors, secondary colors, and pink, brown, black, white, and gray. This activity prepares the child to use Color Box 3.


  1. Take the box of tablets to a rug or table.
    Color Box 2-1.jpg
  2. Hold the tablets by the edges as shown.
    Color Box 2-2.jpg
  3. Remove all the tablets and lay them out randomly on the mat.
    Color Box 2-3.jpg
  4. Select one tile and place it in the upper left corner.
    Color Box 2-4.jpg
  5. Find the tablet of the same color and put it next to the first.
    Color Box 2-5.jpg
  6. Continue until all the tablets have been matched.
    Color Box 2-6.jpg
  7. When finished, replace the tiles back in the box in mixed up order.


Segment on Color Box 2 begins at 9:45.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions



Make Your Own

  • The tablets could be made by wrapping and gluing paper cut from paint samples around this pieces of wood:
    Handmade Childhood color 1.jpg Handmade Childhood color 2.jpg
    (For a more detailed description of how this was done see A Handmade Childhood.)

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