Color Box 1

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Color Box 1
Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Color
Color Box 1.jpg
Level Pre-Primary
Age 2.5 - 3
Prerequisites awareness of color
Materials Color Box 1 set of tablets

Use of this material teaches the child visual discrimination of the primary colors. This activity prepares the child to use Color Box 2.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. Name the lesson. Take the box of tablets to a rug or table.
    Color Box 1-1.JPG
  2. Step two
    Color Box 1-2.JPG
  3. Step three
    Color Box 1-3.JPG
  4. Step four
    Color Box 1-4.JPG
  5. Step five
    Color Box 1-5.JPG
  6. Step six
    Color Box 1-6.JPG



Originally, flat spools of thread were used for this material. The way the tablets are held and the unpainted wooden ends are carried over from this time. Both are really unnecessary with painted tablets.

Make Your Own

The tablets could be made without the unpainted ends. They could even be square instead of rectangular.

  • The tablets could be made by wrapping and gluing paper cut from paint samples around this pieces of wood:
    Handmade Childhood color 1.jpg Handmade Childhood color 2.jpg
    (For a more detailed description of how this was done see A Handmade Childhood.)

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