Digraph Word Lists

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Digraph Word Lists
Language - Reading
PrerequisitesWord Lists
Digraph Boxes
Materialslists of phonetic words that include digraphs

In this activity the child reads lists of words with digraphs (or phonemes with more than two letters).


  1. Carry the stack of word lists to a mat or table. Place the them in the upper right corner.
  2. Take one of the lists and have the child read each word.
  3. Select another list if the child wants to do more. Continue as long as the child shows interest.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

Word lists can be generated using the Phonics and Stuff Word List Builder.
If making your own lists, keep in ind that this is a good place to include words that are hard to depict with objects or pictures. (wish, them, feel, etc.)

  • sh:
    shall, sham, shed, shell, shim, shin, ship, shod, shop, shot, shun, shush, shut
    bash, cash, dash, dish, fish, gash, gosh, gush, hash, hush, Josh, lash, lush, mash, mesh, mush, nosh, posh, rash, rush, sash, wish
    shaft, shelf, shift, shunt, shred, shrub, shrug, shrimp, splash
  • ch:
    Chad, chaff, chap, chat, chess, chill, chin, chip, chit, chop, chug, chum
    much, rich, such
    champ, chant, chest, chimp, chomp, chump, lunch, inch, belch, bench, bunch, conch, filch, finch, hunch, lunch, mulch, munch, pinch, punch, ranch, winch, zilch, blanch, branch, brunch, clench, crunch, drench, flinch, French, stench, trench, scrunch

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