Digraph Boxes

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Digraph Boxes
Language - Reading
Phonogram Boxes 5.JPG
Level Primary
Age 4.5
Prerequisites Double Sandpaper Letters
Materials two boxes of letters in different colors

In this activity the child...


  1. Take the digraph boxes to a mat.
    Phonogram Boxes 1.JPG
  2. Take the two letters of the digraphs out of the first box. Hold them together, one in each hand, to emphasize that they are a unit.
    Phonogram Boxes 2.JPG
  3. Place the letters together on the mat.
    Phonogram Boxes 3.JPG
  4. Think of a word that begins with that phonogram. Use the other color of letters to make the rest of the word.
    Phonogram Boxes 4.JPG
  5. Think of a word that ends with that phonogram.
    Phonogram Boxes 5.JPG
  6. Make other words with that phonogram as long as the child shows interest.
    Phonogram Boxes 6.JPG

Points of Interest

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