Dusting Objects

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Practical Life - Care of the Environment
Object Dusting 3.JPG
Age3 - 4
Materialscotton cloth
soft-bristled brush
object to dust
dark colored tray

This activity teaches the child how to dust objects.


The material should be laid out on the shelf as shown. A stack of folded dusting cloths should be next to the tray, with one already on the tray with the brush.

Object Dusting 1.JPG
  1. Carry the tray to a mat or table. Then find an object from the room that needs dusting and bring it to the workspace.
    Object Dusting 2.JPG
  2. Use the brush to dust the object. Be careful that the dust falls on the tray.
    Object Dusting 4.JPG
  3. Fold the dusting cloth over the index and middle fingers of the dominant hand as shown.
    Object Dusting 5.JPG Object Dusting 6.JPG Object Dusting 7.JPG Object Dusting 8.JPG
  4. Use the cloth to dust the object.
    Object Dusting 9.JPG
  5. Use the brush to sweep the dust from the tray into the trashcan.
    Object Dusting 10.JPG
  6. Clean-up: Return the object that was dusted to its place. Put the dusting cloth in the laundry. Place the tray with the brush back on the shelf. Take a clean dusting cloth from the stack and put it on the tray for the next person.

Points of Interest

  • seeing the dust on the rag and on the tray
  • seeing the object become cleaner

Control of Error

The dark colored tray makes it easier for the child to see the dust.

Variations and Extensions