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Sensorial - Tactile Sense
Fabric Matching 5.JPG
Age3 - 5
PrerequisitesRough and Smooth Boards
Touch Tablets
Practical Life activities
Materials3+ pairs of fabric squares
box or basket

Also called Fabric Boxes, or Fabric Matching.
In this activity the child learns to match fabrics by touch. Doing this helps refine the child's tactile sense.


  1. Carry the box of fabrics to a mat or large table. Set it in the lower right corner.
    Fabric Matching 1.JPG
  2. Remove the blindfold and the stack of fabrics, then move the box to the upper right corner. Put on the blindfold.
    Fabric Matching 2.JPG Fabric Matching 3.JPG
  3. Take the piece of fabric from the top of the stack. Feel it between your thumb and fingers.
    Fabric Matching 4.JPG
  4. Keep the first fabric in your left hand and take the next fabric from the pile in your right. Compare to see if they are the same or different.
    Fabric Matching 5.JPG
  5. If they are different, set the second fabric to the right of the stack.
    Fabric Matching 6.JPG
  6. Continue comparing one fabric at a time to the first in this way until a match is found.
    Fabric Matching 7.JPG
  7. Place the pair in the upper left corner of the mat.
    Fabric Matching 8.JPG
  8. Place the discarded fabrics back on the pile.
    Fabric Matching 9.JPG
  9. Continue matching in this way until all the pairs have been found.
    Fabric Matching 10.JPG
  10. Be sure to randomize the fabrics before putting away so the work will be ready for the next person.

Points of Interest

  • Children are drawn to the beauty of the fabrics.

Control of Error

If the last two fabric squares do not match, the child will know a mistake was made earlier.
Also, when the child takes off the blindfold, he should be able to tell by looking if all of the pairs are matched correctly.

Variations and Extensions

  • This activity can be made easier by using only three very different fabrics. Adding more types fabric increases the difficulty.
  • A very young child could match the fabrics without a blindfold. You should still encourage them to close their eyes when comparing the two fabrics.


The fabric squares should be between 4 and 5 inches across.

Make Your Own

  • The fabric squares shown in the photos above were cut from different black fabrics in 5 inch squares. The edges were then serged.

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