Flower Arranging

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Flower Arranging
Practical Life - Care of the Environment
Age3 - 5
PrerequisitesHandling Sharp Objects
Cutting Paper
Liquid Pouring
Using a Sponge
bucket or crock for bulk flowers
small vases
small pitcher
bowl or bucket for scraps
waterproof table mat

This activity teaches the child how to arrange flowers.


This activity works best if it stays in one spot because of the bucket of flowers in water.

  1. Go to the flower arranging table.
  2. Put on the apron.
  3. Take the pitcher to the sink. Fill it halfway with water.
  4. Take the pitcher back to the table.
  5. Select a vase. Set it in the center of the workspace.
  6. Put the funnel in the vase.
  7. Fill the vase halfway up with water.
  8. Put the pitcher down.
  9. Take out the funnel out and set it down.
  10. Scoot the vase to about three inches from the edge of the table. (Measure with the width of your hand.)
  11. Put the scrap bucket on the floor near the edge of the table with the vase.
  12. Select a flower from the bucket. Hold it in you subdominant hand.
  13. Take the scissors in your dominant hand.
  14. Hold the flower up to the vase to see how tall you would like it.
  15. Cut the flower at the level of the table. (The extra stem should fall into the scrap bucket.)
  16. Put the flower in the vase.
  17. Repeat with more flowers until the vase has enough.
  18. Take the flower vase to a table or shelf for decoration.
  19. Empty the scrap bucket into the compost or trash.
  20. Pour out the extra water from the pitcher into the sink.
  21. Wipe down the table mat with the sponge.
  22. Hang up the apron.

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