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Using a Sponge

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Using a Sponge
Practical Life - Fine Motor Skills
Sponge 2-1.JPG
Level Pre-Primary
Age 3
Prerequisites Grasping Transfer
Materials sponge
1 or 2 bowls of water

In these lessons the child learns how to ...


You may be tempted to skip this one because it's so simple, but young children love this. Many later activities have a sponge just in case of drips and little children will want to use those sponges in the way that it is used in this activity. Let them get it out of their systems beforehand.

Sponge Squeezing

  1. Step one
    Sponge 1-1.JPG
  2. Step Two
    Sponge 1-2.JPG
  3. Step Three
    Sponge 1-3.JPG
  4. Step Four
    Sponge 1-4.JPG

Sponge Transfer

  1. Step One
    Sponge 2-1.JPG
  2. Step Two
    Sponge 2-2.JPG
  3. Step Three
    Sponge 2-3.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Spilling water is the control of error. The child will determine that it is more efficient to maintain the water in the bowls so that he/she does not have to clean it up.

Variations and Extensions

Extensions can include other practical life lessons: transferring, table washing, etc.