Grammar Symbols

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Basic Grammar Symbols

Noun.jpg Noun house, person, book, tree
Article.jpg Article a, an, the
Adjective.jpg Adjective red, cold, large, soft
Pronoun.jpg Pronoun he, she, it, they, you, me, I, we, him, her
Verb.jpg Verb run, sit, grow, bounce, is, are
Adverb.jpg Adverb quietly, slowly, badly, now, then, too, again
Conjunction.jpg Conjunction and, but, or, nor, if, because, although, unless
Preposition.jpg Preposition in, on, under, to, at, before, of
Interjection.jpg Interjection hey, ah, wow, ouch, hello, shh

Advanced Grammar Symbols

The concept of Proper Nouns is usually taught around second grade, Abstract Nouns are introduced around third grade, the rest of these are not typically used until late elementary.

Proper Noun white.jpg Proper Noun Canada, Maria, Google
Abstract Noun.jpg Abstract Noun love, justice, peace
Collective Noun.jpg Collective Noun team, herd, troop
Demonstrative Adjective.jpg Demonstrative Adjective
(Demonstrative Determiner)
this (This soup is hot.)
that (That girl sang.)
these (He cooked these potatoes.)
those (Those cars are yellow.)
Intransitive Verb.jpg Intransitive Verb (verb that doesn't act on an object)
Auxiliary Verb.jpg Helping Verb
(Auxiliary Verb)
had (I had to go.)
can (I can read.)
Linking Verb.jpg Linking Verb (State-of-Being Verb) (Copula) be, is, am, are, were, was
(Grammar is awesome.)
Gerund.jpg Gerund
(verb acts as a noun)
(Swimming is fun.)
Infinitive.jpg Infinitive to sleep, to fly, to go
(I want to go home.)
Participle.jpg Participle
(verb acts as an adjective)



Make Your Own

Free printable Grammar Symbols (black outlines, print on the appropriate color of cardstock and cut out):

Grammar symbols could be cut out of card-stock, craft foam, or plastic (maybe from plastic lids).


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