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Language - Grammar
Level Primary
Age 5+
Materials pencil
slips of paper
The Farm or objects from the room

In this activity the child learns about nouns.


These can be done with one or several children.

Listing Nouns[edit]

  1. Take the pencil and paper slips to a table or mat. (If at a mat, you will also need a clipboard for writing.)
  2. "Everything has a name. All the people, all the things, even all the places that we go have names. Words that are names are called nouns."
  3. "Let's look around us and try to think of some nouns." Take turns thinking of nouns and writing on them on the slips of paper. At first the teacher may need to prompt the child a little until they get the idea: "What's the name of a person you can see?" or "What's the name of something on the shelf over there?". When the child thinks of one, the teacher can reinforce by saying as she writes, "Yes, the word box is a noun."

"Bring me a ___"[edit]

  1. Step one
  2. Next step

Points of Interest[edit]

Control of Error[edit]

the teacher

Variations and Extensions[edit]


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