Key Sound Folders

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Key Sound Folders
Language - Reading
Key Sound Booklets 3.jpg
PrerequisitesDigraph Boxes
Digraph Word Lists
Materialsfolder with the key sound on the front
a card for each common spelling of that phoneme
a little booklet of words for each spelling

Also called the Reading Folders or the Phonogram Folders.
In this activity the child reads words in little booklets. Each booklet in a group has a different way to spell to spell a phoneme.


  1. Take one of the Key Sound Folders to a mat or table. Place it in the upper right corner.
    Key Sound Booklets 1.JPG
  2. Open it and remove the little booklets. Lay them out on the mat.
    Key Sound Booklets 2.JPG Key Sound Booklets 3.jpg
  3. Next step
    Key Sound Booklets 4.JPG Key Sound Booklets 5.JPG

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