Orange Squeezing

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Orange Squeezing
Practical Life - Food Preparation
Orange Squeezing.JPG
Age3 - 5
PrerequisitesLiquid Pouring
Using a Sponge
Materialshalf an orange
juicer with pitcher base
scrap bowl
(a bowl of halved oranges should be on the shelf next to the tray)

This activity teaches the child how to make fresh-squeezed orange juice.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. Show them where the work is on the shelf, and name the work. Have the child put on an apron.
  2. Select an orange half from the bowl on the shelf and place it on the tray.
  3. Carry the tray to a table.
  4. Place the orange half on the juicer. Hold the juicer still with one hand and with the other press down on the orange while twisting.
  5. Turn to the orange over to see if there are parts that need to be juiced more. If so, point these parts out to the child. Then, turn the orange over and squeeze more. Repeat until finished.
  6. Place the orange peel in the scrap bowl.
  7. Pour the orange juice from the juicer to the glass.
  8. Drink the juice.
  9. Clean up: Empty the scrap bowl into the trash. Wash and dry all the dishes and return them to the tray. Return the tray to the shelf.

Points of Interest

  • Squeezing the orange
  • Drinking the juice

Control of Error

  • The scrap bowl
  • The apron
  • The one to one lesson
  • The sponge

Variations and Extensions

  • Squeeze different fruits (lemons, limes, grapefruit, etc.)
  • Mix the juices
  • Serve the juice to peers
  • Make old fashioned soda by mixing the soda water in with the juice