Plant Life Cycles

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Plant Life Cycles
Science - Botany
Materialsmodels of the steps in a plant’s life cycle
circle with an arrow to show progression

This activity demonstrates the stages in a plant's life cycle.


  1. Take the work to a mat or table.
  2. Place the circle with the arrow at the center of the work space.
  3. Put the pictures or objects in order around the circle from earliest stage of development to the latest stage of development.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • If possible, have real seeds and plants at different stages of growth to show the children. You could do this by starting bean seedlings every couple of days.
  • could also be done with pictures of the stages in a plant's life cycle


Make Your Own

Where to Buy

There is a very nice set of models of green bean seedlings at different stages of growth made by SafariLtd.
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