Powers of Two Cube

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Powers of Two Cube
Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Form
Powers of two cube.JPG
Age3 +
PrerequisitesPink Tower

This activity prepares the child for understanding the binary system.


Presentation 1

  1. Carry the material to a table. Place on the left side of the table.
    Po2C 1.JPG
  2. Remove the blocks one at a time and place on the table as shown.
    Po2C 2.JPG Po2C 3.JPG Po2C 4.JPG Po2C 5.JPG Po2C 6.JPG Po2C 7.JPG Po2C 8.JPG
  3. Rebuild the cube in the box by replacing the blocks in the opposite order from which they were taken out.
    Po2C 7.JPG Po2C 6.JPG Po2C 5.JPG Po2C 4.JPG Po2C 3.JPG Po2C 2.JPG

Presentation 2

  1. Remove the blocks from the box as in the first presentation, but leave more room at the bottom of the table.
    Po2C 9.JPG
  2. Rebuild the cube on the table as shown.
    Po2C 10.JPG Po2C 11.JPG Po2C 12.JPG Po2C 13.JPG Po2C 14.JPG Po2C 15.JPG Po2C 16.JPG

Points of Interest

The moment at which the blocks form a larger cube.

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • The cube can be built upside down starting with the smallest pieces, and ending with the largest one.
    Po2C 9.JPG Po2C v2.JPG Po2C v3.JPG Po2C v4.JPG Po2C v5.JPG Po2C v6.JPG Po2C v7.JPG Po2C v8.JPG Po2C v9.JPG


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