Sand Tray

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Sand Tray
Language - Writing
Sand Tray 3.JPG
PrerequisitesSandpaper Letters
Rough and Smooth Boards
Materialsfine sand or salt
tray of a contrasting color

This activity allows the child to practice forming written letters.


  1. Allow the child to experiment with the sand tray by making basic shapes or lines.
    Sand Tray 1.JPG Sand Tray 2.JPG
  2. Select a letter to practice. Trace the sandpaper letter, then make the same letter in the sand.
    Sand Tray 3.JPG
  3. Show the child how to rub their fingers together over the tray to clean them.
  4. Show the child how to gently shake the tray side-to-side to clear it.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

The child can compare their writing in the sand tray to a sandpaper letter.

Variations and Extensions


The tray and the sand should be of very different colors so the letters will show up more.

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