Table Washing

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Table Washing
Practical Life - Care of the Environment
Table Washing 6.JPG
Age3 - 4
PrerequisitesLiquid Pouring
Using a Sponge
Materialsspray bottle with soapy water
small towel
table to wash
apron (optional)

This activity teaches the child how to wash a table.


The material should be laid out on the shelf as shown with extra towels next to the tray.

Table Washing 1.JPG
  1. Carry the tray to a table to be washed.
    Table Washing 2.JPG
  2. Move the chairs to the side.
    Table Washing 3.JPG
  3. Move the tray to one of the chairs.
    Table Washing 4.JPG
  4. Spray soapy water on the table.
    Table Washing 5.JPG
  5. Scrub the table with the sponge.
    Table Washing 6.JPG
  6. Squeeze out extra water from the sponge into the bowl as needed.
    Table Washing 7.JPG
  7. Dry the table with the towel.
    Table Washing 8.JPG
  8. Take the towel to the laundry. Empty the water from the bowl into the sink. Move the tray to the table and push in the chairs.
    Table Washing 9.JPG
  9. Return the tray to the shelf. Replace the used towel with a clean one from the stack on the shelf.

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