The Discovery of the Child

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The Discovery of the Child  
Discovery of the Child 2.jpg
AuthorMaria Montessori
Original titleLa scoperta del bambino
TranslatorMary A. Johnstone
PublisherKalakshetra Publications
Published in
The Discovery of the Child  
Discovery of the Child.jpg
AuthorMaria Montessori
Original titleLa scoperta del bambino
TranslatorM. Joseph Costelloe, S. J.
PublisherBallantine Books
Published in
1967, 1972, 1986

This title can refer to one of two different translations of the book The Montessori Method.


  1. On the Application of Science to the School
  2. The History of Methods
  3. The Teaching Methods Employed in Children's Houses
  4. Nature in Education
  5. Education in Movement
  6. The Material for Development
  7. The Exercises
  8. Visual and Auditory Distinctions
  9. Generalizations on the Training of the Senses
  10. The Teacher
  11. The Technique of the Lessons
  12. Observations on Prejudices
  13. Elevation
  14. Written Language
  15. The Mechanism of Writing
  16. Reading
  17. Speech
  18. Teaching How to Count and an Introduction to Arithmetic
  19. Further Developments in Arithmetic
  20. Drawing and Representative Art
  21. Introduction to Music
  22. Religious Education
  23. Discipline in a Children's House
  24. Conclusions and Impressions
  25. The Triumphal Chariot
  26. Grades and Sequences in the Presentation of the Material

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