The Montessori Method

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The Montessori Method  
Author Maria Montessori
Original title Il Metodo della Pedagogia Scientifica applicato all'educazione infantile nelle Case dei Bambini
Translator Anne E. George
Language Italian
Published in


1. A Critical Consideration of the New Pedagogy in it's Relation to Modern Science
2. History of Methods
3. Inaugural Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Opening of One of the "Children's Houses"
4. Pedagogical Methods Used in the "Children's Houses"
5. Discipline
6. How the Lesson Should be Given
7. Exercises of Practical Life
8. Refection - The Child's Diet
9. Muscular Education - Gymnastics
10. Nature in Education - Agricultural Labour: Culture of Plants and Animals
11. Manual Labour - The Potter's Art and Building
12. Education of the Senses
13. Education of the Senses and Illustrations of the Didactic Material: General Sensibility: The Tactile, Thermic, Baric and Stereognostic Senses
14. General Notes on the Education of the Senses
15. Intellectual Education
16. Method for the Teaching of Reading and Writing
17. Description of the Method and Didactic Material Used
18. Language in Childhood
19. Teaching of Numeration: Introduction to Arithmetic
20. Sequence of Exercises
21. General Review of Discipline
22. Conclusions and Impressions

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This book is in the public domain. There are several versions of the full text available from Google Books:
First edition, from Harvard University Library
First edition, from Stanford University Library
Second edition, from Stanford University Library

An mp3 audio-book version is available for download from

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