Trinomial Cube

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Trinomial Cube
Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Form
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Age4 +
PrerequisitesBinomial Cube
MaterialsTrinomial Cube

In this activity the child assembles a three-dimensional puzzle made up of 27 wooden blocks. This puzzle is the physical representation of the trinomial formula: (a+b+c)3. This activity indirectly prepares the child to learn Algebra later on.


Presentation 1

  1. Invite the child to the lesson. Show him where the work is on the shelf, and name the work. Take the Trinomial Cube box to a table.
    Trinomial Cube 1.JPG
  2. Step two
    Trinomial Cube 2.JPG
  3. Step three
    Trinomial Cube 3.JPG

Presentation 2

  1. Invite the child to take the Trinomial Cube box to a rug or table.
  2. Step two
    Trinomial Cube 4.JPG
  3. Step three
    Trinomial Cube 5.JPG
  4. Step four
    Trinomial Cube 6.JPG
  5. Step five
    Trinomial Cube 7.JPG
  6. Step six
    Trinomial Cube 8.JPG


Points of Interest

Control of Error

  • The diagrams on the sides of the box remind the child of the pattern that each level of the blocks should make.
  • The blocks will not fit back in the box unless the cube in constructed correctly.

Variations and Extensions


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Trinomial Cube
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