Using a Baster

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Using a Baster
Practical Life - Fine Motor Skills
Baster Transfer 1.JPG
PrerequisitesGrasping Transfer
Using a Sponge
Materialssmall baster
1 or 2 bowls of water

In these lessons the child learns how to use a baster. These exercises help prepare the child for the Eyedropper Transfer.


Baster Squeezing

In this activity the child practices using a baster with one bowl of water.

  1. Step One
  2. Step Two, etc

Baster Transfer

In this activity the child uses the baster to transfer water from one small bowl to another.

  1. Step One
    Baster Transfer 1.JPG
  2. Step Two
    Baster Transfer 2.JPG
  3. Step three
    Baster Transfer 3.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Try to find a small baster for this work.

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Using a Baster
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