Weaving Paper

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Weaving Paper
Art - Weaving
Weaving Paper 8.jpg
PrerequisitesCutting Paper (none if the paper is pre-cut)
Materialspaper with lines going almost across the page
paper with lines that cross the page
glue stick

In this activity the child weaves strips of paper under and over other fixed paper strips.
Paper weaving is good preparation for other weaving and sewing activities.


  1. Pick out one sheet of paper that leaves the strips connected at the top, and one or two sheets of paper that have the line to cut going all the way across.
  2. Take the material to a table.
  3. Cut along the lines on the paper. Be sure to leave one paper connected at the top.
    Weaving Paper 1.jpg Weaving Paper 2.jpg
  4. Weave a strip of paper by going over and under the stationary paper strips.
    Weaving Paper 3.jpg
  5. Scoot the strip to the top.
    Weaving Paper 4.jpg
  6. "Our last strip started off by going over. That means this strip will need to start by going under."
    Weaving Paper 5.jpg
  7. Continue weaving the strip as with the first one. Then scoot it to the top.
    Weaving Paper 6.jpg Weaving Paper 7.jpg
  8. Continue weaving paper strips until the space is full.
    Weaving Paper 8.jpg Weaving Paper 9.jpg
  9. Lift the tabs on the ends and put a dab of glue on the stationary strip underneath.
    Press the tab in place.
    Flip the whole paper over to glue the tabs that start on the other side.
    Weaving Paper 10.jpg
  10. All done! Hang up the work to display or take it home.
    Weaving Paper 11.jpg
  11. Put away the scissors and glue stick.
    Extra paper strips could be put back on the shelf for another student to use.

Points of Interest

  • The patterns made by going under and over the paper

Control of Error

  • The pattern will look wrong if a mistake was made

Variations and Extensions

  • Children could cut the paper into strips themselves
  • Narrower strips can make the work more challenging
  • A mix of strip widths can be used
  • Different weaving patterns cloud be done (e.g. under 2, over 1)


Make Your Own

Here is the pdf of the material seen above. It also includes pages with narrower strips for older children:

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