Writing Fractions

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Writing Fractions
Math - Fractions
Writing Fractions 7.JPG
PrerequisitesIntroduction to the Fraction Insets
Materialsten metal fraction insets
slips of paper
tray or clipboard

This activity teaches the child how fractions are written.


Writing Fractions

  1. "Today I'm going to show you how to write fractions."
    Writing Fractions 1.JPG
  2. "First we draw a line across like this."
    Writing Fractions 2.JPG
  3. "The number on the bottom tells us how many pieces the shape was broken into. This part of the fraction is called the denominator."
    Writing Fractions 3.JPG
  4. "This tells us we are talking about the circle broken into four pieces."
    Writing Fractions 4.JPG
  5. Show other examples of this.
    Writing Fractions 5.JPG
  6. "The number on the top tells us how many fourths we are talking about. This part of the fraction is called the numerator."
    Writing Fractions 6.JPG
  7. Take out one fourth. "This is one fourth."
    Show other examples in which the numerator is 1.
    Writing Fractions 7.JPG
  8. Show examples in which the numerator is larger than 1.
    Writing Fractions 8.JPG Writing Fractions 9.JPG

Fractions with Pre-Printed Labels

  1. Set up the fraction frames at a mat. Bring the container of fractions labels and select all of those that have a numerator of 1.
    Labeling Fractions 1.JPG Labeling Fractions 2.JPG
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    Labeling Fractions 3.JPG Labeling Fractions 4.JPG
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    Labeling Fractions 5.JPG Labeling Fractions 6.JPG Labeling Fractions 7.JPG
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    Labeling Fractions 8.JPG
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    Labeling Fractions 9.JPG Labeling Fractions 10.JPG
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    Labeling Fractions 11.JPG

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Make Your Own

Fraction Slips pdf icon.jpg
Printable Fraction Slips

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