Introduction to the Fraction Insets

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Introduction to the Fraction Insets
Math - Fractions
Fraction Insets 6.JPG
Level Primary
Age 5.5+
Materials ten metal fraction insets

This activity teaches the child the names of fractions up to tenths.


  1. "These are called fractions. The word fraction means to break apart."
    Fraction Insets 1.JPG
  2. "This circle isn't broken apart. It is in one whole piece."
    Fraction Insets 2.JPG
  3. "This circle is broken in two pieces."
    Fraction Insets 3.JPG
  4. "With fractions, the pieces have to be the same size."
    Fraction Insets 4.JPG
  5. "This circle is broken into three pieces that are all the same size."
    Fraction Insets 5.JPG
  6. Teach the terms whole, half, and third. Do a three period lesson.
    Fraction Insets 6.JPG
  7. Introduce more fractions and do another three period lesson.
    Fraction Insets 7.JPG
  8. Introduce the remaining fractions if the child shows interest, or do the rest at a later time.
    Fraction Insets 8.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • Food is excellent for demonstrating fractions.


Make Your Own

  • Fraction circles could be made from felt:
    Counting Coconuts felt fractions.JPG
    (For a description of how these were made, see Counting Coconuts.)

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